2017-2018 Initial Premier League Predictions

1. Will Arsenal finish in the Top Four? 50-50 chance. At worst another 5th.
2. So, who will win the PL and who else will finish in the Top Four? Man City will win as Chelsea will not repeat, but will be 2nd or 3rd at worst. Chelsea has thus far lost more than they’ve gained in personnel and looked incomplete against Arsenal in the Community Shield match. Arsenal; Man U; Liverpool; and Tottenham have a chance. I find the latter’s post-season efforts or true lack thereof surprising especially with a chance of going Top after an inspired season. As much as I like Pochettino, he works for a “challenging” organization. His goals will not be accomplished there.
3. Who will be relegated? Two new boys, Huddersfield; Brighton; and likely Watford. Newcastle with one of my favorite Managers, Rafa Benitez, will thrive again. As an aside, last week I drove from Manchester to Sheffield and passed not far from Huddersfield and I find it both amazing and tremendous that teams from small communities can achieve promotion to the PL. Certainly one would expect the teams in London, Manchester and Liverpool all with billionaire owners would do well, but the ongoing circulation of new teams from all over the country is what makes the Premier League truly Premier.