BDG’s 2017 Premier League Predictions

I started the thought process of writing this in January as the year got under way, thought and came back to it numerous times, but ultimately changed very little.
So here goes with my predictions on the remainder of this season.

1. Arsenal’s year to win the PL was last year and they truly missed it.
2. Leicester will escape relegation, but is far from acting like the Champions they were last year: Ranieri has been/was on the hotseat and soon fired despite proclamations of his innocence. Leicester will not be relegated, but seeing the miracle team from last season in this position was shocking, although most picked them for 7th. Last year was a time warp. They also go out in the next round of the Champions League.
3. Wenger will re-up for two more years and it will be publicly stated this is his last Arsenal contract as Manager giving them time to seek, vet and select a new manager and others to take his place. (Thoughts on who should succeed him in a future post). At one point I really thought he would walk away, but then the realization of all he has accomplished pushed me to the view that such a proud and successful man would not go out like this despite what many supporters want.
4. Arsenal will not be in the Top 4 this year. My estimate: 5th beating the Dark Special Knight up North. Another reason for Arsene not to walk away. Arsenal will be back before he leaves.
5. Vardy and Mahrez should really have left Leicester, but the real spark plug was Kante who has contributed so much to Chelsea’s success. Had he stayed and one of these other two left, Leicester would be far higher in the standings.
6. Chelsea will win the PL. And the FA Cup.
7. City will be 2nd, Tottenham 3rd and Liverpool 4th.
8. Sorry Jose.
9. Sanchez leaves.
10. Ozil is 50:50. He likes Wenger who has supported and defended him. At the end of the day, I think he stays, but PSG, Real or Barca are all after him. If he truly wants silverware he’ll leave, but Arsenal, Wenger and London are all comfortable for him. I’ve gone back and forth on this view as well.