Bruce provided us with an insightful analysis about how we needed to position our MedTech start-up and integrate this discipline into our daily thinking. We’ve asked him to join our Advisory Board.
David Schmidt
Founder and CEO TIESRx™

Bruce was responsible for the most innovative marketing campaign in the exchange space which gave ISE an innovative brand at a time when exchanges were broadly seen as sclerotic, antiquated clubs. ISE didn’t just promise the future, we knew from its branding, it was the future!
Patrick L. Young
Author, “Capital Market Revolution”
and “The Exchange Manifesto”

Bruce Goldberg possesses the unique combination of qualities that empowers him with both the ability to innovate & conceptualize as well as to get the job done. Bruce is responsible for crafting a highly innovative marketing campaign in the exchange space that I feel has set a standard for excellence and can be viewed as an outstanding success. It clearly communicated the spirit and message for what became a true global leader in equity options.
Bill Wreaks
Gramercy Institue- Publishers of JFAM

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