2019-20 Premier League Forecast

August 9, 2019

  1. Manchester City will win the PL. As much as statistics argue against not only a two-peat which they achieved last season but more so obviously to clinch a three-peat, they will do it.  They are simply the best team. Amazing talent that works together with perhaps one of the greatest managers who instills a hunger to achiever greatness and win, win and win Silverware. The fact that they won last season actually helps them in their journey this year.
  2. Liverpool will be second — again. They too are an excellent team but their goal to win the PL faces another grueling season with each alternating in first as the schedule revolves. They won the Champions League which many view as a superior achievement, yet Messr Klopp and the Kop want — and in some aspects need — to top the League. Fortunately for all of us it will lead to another exciting season with excellent football.
  3. Tottenham will be third. They sort-of blew it last year ending in fourth despite not adding any players. That has changed greatly this year, yet as good a coach as Pochettino is, they have far superior competition. Ultimately I predict the Manager will tire of the autocratic tendencies of the Chairman, Daniel Levy and leave. Perhaps this season, perhaps next. He will be able to go anywhere with more control and far more local support. So Spurs fans appreciate the ride while it lasts.
  4. OY! Here we go again with three semi-decent-to-good teams ALL with issues competing for the single remaining Champions League spot which used to be Arsenal’s placeholder. Arsene Wenger used say coming fourth was an achievement and silverware-sort-of and perhaps he was correct given the world today. Unfortunately, Arsenal had third or fourth easily in their sights last year and blew it allowing Chelsea to pip both them and Spurs.
  5. Initially when I was thinking and composing this note, I had Manchester United fourth; Chelsea fifth and Arsenal sixth. After the transfer window closed, Arsenal had shockingly done well and far better than any supporter would have wagered or believed.  Ahh while we’ll discuss this view, the odds I’d give to Arsenal for 4-7 are: Fourth 30%/Fifth 30%; Sixth 30%; and 7th 10%. I’d assign similar odds to Chelsea and ManU. Perhaps the race for Fourth will be as entertaining and exciting as the battle for First.
  6. ManU has added players as if money is no object which continues a long-time trend with or without an obnoxious, high-priced manager. While Messr Solskjaer is neither and seems to be a genuinely nice, focused football man, I along with many are far from sure he can handle ManU. Additionally, ManU did not fill all of their holes as it turns out.
  7. Both Solskjaer and Frank Lampard at Chelsea will survive as managers for the season unless something shocking occurs. If ManU miss a CL spot again, I assign decent odds that Ed Woodward will be gone. It’s not always the Manager’’s fault, but far easier to shoot them versus yourself as owner.
  8. Chelsea were challenged by their Transfer Window no-go-show and will rely on youth. They will definitively be hurt by the Hazard loss. Their hope is that teams above stumble like last season. 
  9. Wolves were 7th last season guided by a top manager while Everton were aggressive buying but not fully successful and will be Zaha-less.  Leicester simply does not have the talent to come 6th. Yet if they put together a season-for-the-ages and one of the bottom half of the Top Six stumble, there is a small yet real chance a big, true upset occurs.
  10. Newcastle will have a shit-show season due to their owner, Mike Ashley, by far the worse PL owner, despite their talent. Steve Bruce will be pulling his hair out all season. Ashley needs to sell soon or the team’s value will decline further and/or his other deficient business practices will catch up with him.
  11. Speaking of truly bad owners, while Stan Kroenke — more in a separate post soon — may only be the second worst, however, late-window signings may actually show he or someone is paying attention and cares. It’s about time!  If so, that might represent a major sea-change. We can only be hopeful the new additions produce particularly by shoring up the crappy Defense that has been deficient for a decade.
  12. Relegated teams this season will include newcomers and one of the former survivors.